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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Tue Feb 9 11:53:28 EST 2021


 > I did a test before answering and the message was sent to the card
 > of my otherwise blank stack, after dismissing the IDE dialog.

Same here!


 > there have been at least 2 versions that were unstable that crash
 > to desktops were not uncommon, and after losing so much data, I
 > save frequently, and auto save whenever I close a sub stack.

I agree, saving carefully/saving "big-league" is a must for LC IDE! :)
Got in the constant-save habit way back with version 1.1.1.
(Which had a tendency to vanish in the middle of a coding session.)

Here's what I do (and it all works, no message problems, no bugs):

1. If I edit any script, I manually save when I apply changes.
(I don't write more than 3 lines of code before saving.)

2. If I edit any UI or properties, I manually save.
(I save every 5 minutes or less, and before leaving a dirty card.)

3. Before I close any stack I've edited, I MANUALLY save.
And if I use auto-clean, it's hooked up to saveStackRequest. Reliable.
No message difficulties. And I know it's saved.*
(If I forget to save, it warns me. That's my backup if habit fails.)

4. *For each of the above, #1-#3, I look for the dialog while saving.

5. *And every session (and before closing an edited stack) I look at the
stack in the Finder/Desktop to check the Mod date. I also make a copy.
("Sorta trust, but verify the heck out of it." There can be the known
disassociated-SE, or other bugs, that prevent IDE from really saving.)

6. *If in step #4 or #5 I find that it wasn't really saved,
I can save again or take any other necessary steps I deem appropriate,
because ... I have NOT closed the stack yet! That's why.
I intentionally save, then double check, then intentionally close.

IOW, If you and I don't trust the IDE enough to let it decide when we
should save (which is a big part of the reason this thread exists) ...

... then why should I trust it to SAVE FOR ME when I close a stack?
To me, that seems risky, plus it's not building on the same premise.

Even if the IDE did NOT have a known bug (or complication) and even if
the close message DID usually work, I would still save manually,
each and every time before closing a stack. That way I know.

(LC IDE should be more reliable, yet there is a silver lining:
it has taught me to save more carefully in EVERY app!
Because the idea of a completely reliable app instance is fantasy;
the computer itself could have a hardware or OS failure at any moment.
My manic LC save habits have "saved" me in other apps, more than once.)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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