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Fri Feb 5 16:57:42 EST 2021

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> Thank you Trevor for making this available. After testing your library i
> realize what an improvement it is.
> And I agree that "ideally any engine improvents would tap into the scroll
> wheel values provided by the OS"
> I don't see any difference regarding lineSize. Maybe
> "ObjC_NSEventHasPreciseScrollingDeltas" is true.
> Anyway in the comments of the LCB file you mention "row height"
> Do you mean "effectiv lineSize" (synonym of borderSize) or "effective
> textHeight"?

Hi Bernd,

Glad you like it. I originally wrote the extension for use with the
DataView (a more modern DataGrid) which has a "row" concept rather than a
"line" concept. I hadn't applied it to fields before putting together the
test yesterday. You are correct, if should be `textHeight`, not `lineSize`,
in the script.

> I added hScroll to your script (again this is Mac only and needs Trevor's
> library installed)
> -------------------------------------------
> on rawKeyDown pKey
>    -- if the optionKey is down then pass rawKeyDown -- just to test
> scrolling of LC and library
>    if pKey = "65308" or pKey = "65309" then
>       set the vscroll of me to the vscroll of me \
>        - item 2 of macCurrentEventScrollValues(the effective linesize of
> me)
>    else if pKey is in "65310,65311" and the hScrollbar of me then
>       set the hscroll of me to the hscroll of me  \
>       - item 1 of macCurrentEventScrollValues(the effective linesize of me)
>    else
>       pass rawKeyDown
>    end if
> end rawKeyDown
> --------------------------------------------

Nice addition!

Trevor DeVore

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