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Tue Feb 2 04:03:57 EST 2021

On 2021-02-01 22:25, Ben Rubinstein via use-livecode wrote:
> Undesirable things found:
> 1. I've not found how to access externals (in this case the database
> library) without explicitly setting the 'externals' property of the
> stack to a (generally unreliably) full path before the stack is saved.
> 3. revSetDatabaseDriverPath is required even when the drivers are in
> the standard location inside the app 'bundle'.
> I'll report (2) and (3) formally when I've done a bit more
> investigation. I'd still love to know what I'm doing wrong, in
> relation to (1).

Please don't - as neither are bugs :)

The standalone engine inside the runtime folders in the IDE install is 
just a bare engine.

In community you can certainly run the bare engine without building a 
standalone but as you have discovered it is just what it is - a bare 
engine, it knows nothing of externals, database drivers, widgets, script 
libraries or anything else.

If you want a headless (community) engine which has dependencies then 
all you have to do is deploy a standalone with a launcher stack embedded 
into it.

The launcher stack should have the inclusions you want configured for 
it, and it can just run the stack you pass as an argument on the 

Doing it this way, it means the standalone builder will take care to 
ensure all the 'inclusions' you set are present and configured correctly 
(including widgets, externals and script libraries).

You only need to rebuild the standalone if your inclusion requirements 
change, or you want to change engine version.

Warmest Regards,


P.S. In regards to (1) the trick is to do this:
set the externals of the templateStack to <external files list>
create invisible stack "Externals" -- or any name you like
inser the script of it into back
reset the templateStack
This allows you to compute the external paths at runtime when the engine 
starts (e.g. by using the engine folder, or the filename of the stack 
and computing the paths).

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