Terminal timeout?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon Feb 1 14:35:43 EST 2021

My AirLaunch app uses shell commands to create .ipa files for iOS. One customer is experiencing 
problems with a large app, which is about 250MB. This is due to thousands of short audio files 
that are included in the build. When she builds without the audio files it works fine.

She sent me a test copy and it built without any problem on my iMac. I suspect her Mac isn't up 
to the task and is taking too long to process all those 22,541(!) files. I couldn't find much 
info about Terminal timeouts but it looks like it's about 1-2 minutes. Does anyone have any 
ideas about how to get around this?

I've already suggested that she put the audio files on a server and download them when her app 
first starts up, but she'd prefer it if she could set the timeout period to a longer duration. 
She will need to add more audio files in the future...

I should mention that we think it's a timeout, but it might be something else. The error she 
gets is too generic to know -- it just says "an error occurred" and then stops. Might be a 
memory thing. If she builds on her MacBook instead it does work, but completes just seconds 
before our assumed timeout period. If she adds more files, it will probably fail there too.

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