Using MySQL on (headless) Linux

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Feb 1 14:15:00 EST 2021

With thanks to friends here who helped me install and start using LC on a 
headless Linux box. I've now another little problem... my stack tries and 
fails to connect to a MySQL database.

When it attempts to call revOpenDatabase, it throws error 219, "error in 
function handler". I take it that this means it can't find or hasn't loaded 
the revdb external.

I've installed livecodecommunity-9.6.1.x86_64, and I launch it with
Community.x86_64 -ui <mystack.livecode>

I can see and are in the Externals directory. Is there 
something explicit I need to do to load these?

many thanks,


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