Strange thing: older App Store app fullscreen shown on iOS 15.2

William de Smet williamdesmet at
Fri Dec 24 06:33:48 EST 2021

Hi there,

I got a new iPad 2021 with iOS 15.2 (10.2 inch) and downloaded some of my
own older apps on it from the App Store.
These apps have been there for several years and the last update was from
I noticed that these apps are shown fullscreen and that is strange because
none of these apps contain fullscreen scripting.
They were all made for the 9.7 inch iPads.

When I put a test app on it with LC 9.9.6 and Xcode13.2  the app is not
shown full screen.

Is this Apple and iOS 15?
Does iOS 15 show apps from the App Store fullscreen?



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