WordLib Update and Christmas 30% Coupon Code

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Thu Dec 23 22:03:16 EST 2021

Continuing from this morning....

WordLib 2.3 store notes:

It looks like the LiveCode Ltd store
still has WordLib version 2.2 online;
they'll have 2.3 set up eventually
due to the holiday timing.

Meantime, order 2.3 at Curry K./SendOwl;
they are delivering WordLib keys instantly,
and I've got 1,000 keys in stock there
so the orders are flowing smoothly.

(Don't forget your Coupon during checkout!)

Christmas Coupon Code:

Coupon: NOEL-2021
Discount: Extra 30% Off

Get it here:


Buy it now:



Curry K. backend notes:

The backend is now about 5x more automated,
not only for WordLib but all Curry K. addons.
That's crucial for faster public updates.

Originally I thought 5x would be perfect,
but after this WordLib release (pant pant)
I need to further double the automation!

Then updates will be truly efficient.
So, now that's on top of my addon to-do list.

(Right after restoring SpreadLib ordering,
which went offline when eSellerate choked.
Alas eSellerate is no more; thus a new store.)

Coming up next:

1. Restoring SpreadLib ordering (This week)
2. Further backend automation (Early January)
3. WordReport Update (End of January?)
4. SpreadLib/WordOut Updates (Schedule TBD)
5. The next big thing.... (and FT) :)

Download WordLib:


Purchase WordLib:


More news soon....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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