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Hello Mark,

What about using:

mobileSetKeyboardDisplay "pan"

See the dictionary for more details.


On Thu, 23 Dec 2021 at 17:08, Mark Smith via use-livecode <
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> It seems the keyboard in iOS 15 has gained some height and that is causing
> a problem.
> Scenario. My UI is primarily a datagrid. Fill it with 8 items and the next
> one added will cause the keyboard to cover the row. The previous solution
> has been to redraw the datagid so it occupies the space above the keyboard
> (and then scroll the new line into view). This worked fine as long as the
> KB always occupied a fixed amount of space (height). The new one in iOS 15
> appears to be approximately 1 row of keys taller, this row being filled
> with blank slots for word guesses while you type (an option I would not
> even know how to make use of).
> Solutions: one option is to simply redraw the datagrid to be above the new
> keyboard height. Problem is I have been hard coding this (ie. changing the
> bottom of the keyboard from 452 (activated) to 613 (deactivated) as
> required). This is less than ideal because as I have now witnessed in iOS
> 15.x the keyboard can expand to have 1 or 2 extra rows above the keys. ie.
> the size/height of the keyboard is now dynamic. Ideally I would be able to
> query the height of the keyboard, or the amount of available screen space,
> so that I could adjust the bottom of my datagrid appropriately.
> Has anyone else been looking into this issue and how have you resolved it?
> Thanks
> Mark
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