Communication with future you with a message board

Martin Koob mkoob at
Wed Dec 22 12:40:55 EST 2021

Hi all

I have been reading Alex Hughson’s thread "New user” renamed "Serial Communication with an I/O board (New user)” by Curry Kenworthy to make it easier for future users to find.

It makes me think of something that happened a few times with me.  I am trying to do something in LiveCode and I come up against a blocker.  I start searching the use-livecode list, the LiveCode Forums, and also general web searches.  Finally I find my answer — exactly what I wanted.  Then I look at the author asking the original question or answering…  Martin Koob.  

So I am curious — am I the only one whose mind is going or have others run this mental recursive documentation loop?

Anyway  now when I am typing a question or a suggested answer I think I should put the salutation “Dear Future me.”.  In any case once the problem is solved I do a final email summarizing what the final solution was and I do make sure there are some good keywords in the text that I would probably search for in the future when I have forgotten ever even working on this problem this let alone how to solve it.

Martin Koob

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