PDF Viewer widget: expected experience from set the currentDestination?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at me.com
Wed Dec 22 12:24:36 EST 2021

Hi folks,
Please can anyone share the response/experience to be expected in the PDF Viewer widget after a successful call to set the currentDestination?

I have the widget successfully changing currentPage when set but I was hoping to see some visual feedback with on a change of currentDestination - to perhaps highlight something or zoom or scroll the named destination into focus? 

Unfortunately, the dictionary entry for currentDestination doesn’t help as it has no examples and the description of as it seems to be missing chunks of critical text regarding the ‘receive’ end of the message... 

"This is the format that is sent as a parameter in the message and is used by the <????> and <????> and properties for goto type destinations:...”

Perhaps I’ve missed some settings on the widget to allow it to respond to this message?

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