[ANN] Release 9.6.6 RC-1

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at roadrunner.com
Tue Dec 21 10:15:17 EST 2021

Things that made me say "WHAT?"
- When a runtime error occurs in a context where the script debugger
cannot run, the error dialog will be displayed rather than failing silently
  WHAT? Who are you people?
- Conversions between global and local co-ordinates are now correct
on multi-screen macOS systems.
  WHAT? HAHAHAHA. OK, that's funny. You got me.

On Tue, Dec 21, 2021 at 9:45 AM panagiotis merakos via use-livecode <
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> Dear list members,
> We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 9.6.6 RC-1.
> Getting the Release
> ===================
> You can find the release in your LiveCode account area or get it via the
> automatic updater. To find the 9.6.6 RC-1 test release in your LiveCode
> account, please scroll down to below the list of stable releases, to find
> your available test releases.
> Release Contents
> ================
> LiveCode 9.6.6 RC-1 comes with several changes, including fixes for lots of
> the bugs you requested in the recent survey:
> New Features:
> - iOS device safe area insets function
> An iphoneSafeAreaInsets function has been added to enable getting the safe
> area insets of the device the app is running on. These can be used to
> adjust your app's user interface elements to avoid areas that are covered
> by device furniture, e.g. the notch.
> - Android adaptive icons
> It is now possible to configure your Android apps to use adaptive icons.
> To use adaptive icons, generate them using the Image Asset Editor in
> Android Studio and
> then choose the resulting res folder in the android standalone settings
> pane.
> - Android app query whitelist
> Support has been added for specifying which other apps can be interacted
> with via the intent and other (custom) URL schemes.
> Since Android 11, by default, an app cannot interact with any others due to
> changes to package visibility. You must now specify which apps you need
> access to by adding their ids to the App ID Query Whitelist field in the
> Android standalone settings.
> Bug Fixes:
> - Opening HyperCard stacks will no longer cause a crash
> - Support for the system date and the system time has been added on Android
> - A stack's rect will no longer become out of sync with its actual position
> after being moved in the IDE on macOS
> - A wider range of TrueType font files will now work on Android and Web
> - Use of the term Tutorials have been replaced by the term Lessons
> throughout the IDE
> - When a runtime error occurs in a context where the script debugger cannot
> run, the error dialog will be displayed rather
> than failing silently
> - Conversions between global and local co-ordinates are now correct on
> multi-screen macOS systems.
> - The welcome tutorial can now be started on first run via the Start
> Interative Welcome button in the start center
> - Starting a new tutorial will now close the previous tutorial's stack, if
> present
> - The performance of the script editor while typing has been improved
> - Downloading large amounts of data using tsNet on Windows is now
> substantially faster
> - Invalid PDFs will no longer be generated when using the open printing to
> PDF command on Windows using the 64-bit engine
> - Script debugging will no longer fail to work intermittently when running
> the IDE with pro features
> - Scripts which run without locking the screen are no longer slower on
> macOS Big Sur and later
> - The drawing library now correctly handle gradients which are referred to
> using an id containing - or _
> - Key events will now work correctly after a modal dialog is shown from a
> mouseUp handler in a grouped control
> - The iphoneDeviceModel function now returns the correct model string when
> run on an iOS/iPadOS simulator.
> - Default buttons and progress bars will no longer cause unnecessary CPU
> usage on macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
> - The byteOffset function will no longer cause incorrect results in some
> cases nor cause a crash
> - Scripts containing accented characters will no longer incorrectly report
> being externally modified
> - Using the print link command when printing to PDF on Windows no longer
> causes a crash
> - The copyright notices in the engine app bundle (macOS) and exe (Windows)
> have been updated
> - A significant memory leak in the browser widget on macOS has been
> resolved
> - POST data larger than 64kb is now parsed correctly by the Windows server
> engine
> - Audio-only players no longer consume excessive CPU when in Edit Mode on
> macOS Big Sur
> - WebGL content now displays in the browser widget when running on macOS
> 12.x (Monterey)
> - The union (and other set operation) commands now throw an error if there
> is no into clause and the target is not a declared variable
> - Building iOS apps using Xcode 13.2 with the iOS 15.2 SDK is now supported
> - Local file and content access has been re-enabled in the browser widget
> and native control on Android
> - Touch events now occur at the correct location when handled by objects
> underneath a disabled Android scroller
> - SVG elements with a stroke-width of 0 are no longer drawn with a hairline
> stroke
> - There is no longer a delay when opening the IDE menus on macOS
> - Selecting a specific browser to test a web project against now works
> correctly
> - The overhead of using "do .." to evaluate long JavaScript scripts in the
> browser widget on Android has been greatly reduced
> For the full list of all fixes, updates and enhancements please see the
> release notes:
> http://downloads.livecode.com/livecode/9_6_6/LiveCodeNotes-9_6_6_rc_1.pdf
> Known issues
> ============
> - The Browser widget's native layer is not shown in some Linux distros with
> Cinnamon window manager.
> - The use of the Browser widget is not supported on Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit LTS
> yet.
> Required Software
> =================
> To build iOS apps with LiveCode you must have the appropriate versions of
> Xcode as follows:
>   - macOS 10.13.4: Xcode 10.1 - LiveCode builds iOS apps using the iOS 12.1
>   - macOS 10.14.4: Xcode 11.3.x - LiveCode builds iOS apps using the iOS
> 13.2 SDK
>   - macOS 10.15.4: Xcode 12.4.x - LiveCode builds iOS apps using the iOS
> 14.4 SDK
>   - macOS 11+  : Xcode 13.2.x - LiveCode builds iOS apps using the iOS 15.2
> There is a full list of working LiveCode/macOS/Xcode combinations here:
> https://livecode.com/docs/9-5-0/faq/faq/
> Note: Whilst we endeavour to release updated versions of LiveCode
> supporting the latest Xcode/iOS SDKs as quickly as possible; we strongly
> recommend disabling automatic update of Xcode or downloading the specific
> version of Xcode required directly from the Apple developer portal and
> installing it separately.
> Important: From the start of April 2021, Apple is only accepting apps built
> using iOS14.x SDKs. This means that, if you wish to submit apps to the
> AppStore you will have to be running at least macOS 10.15 in order to be
> able to install the necessary version of Xcode.
> Feedback
> ========
> Please report any bugs encountered on our quality center at
> http://quality.livecode.com/
> We have a forum available for discussing LiveCode at
> http://forums.livecode.com
> Have fun!
> The LiveCode Team
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