Windows VM's and LiveCode app's cursors

Paul Dupuis paul at
Sun Dec 19 13:05:46 EST 2021

We have a customer who runs our LiveCode built Windows app under a 
VirtualBox VM running Windows 10, under Manjaro Linux.

The app displays a "double cursor" (i.e if the cursor is the pointer, 
there are 2 images of the pointer slightly offset from one another that 
track the mouse).

I build a simple text app under LC 10.0.0dp1 that is just a window with 
a Quit button. Built 32 and 64 bit versions with and without High DPI 
check box checked and the customer tested them. All 4 display a double 

None of the 4 test apps display a double cursor when running in Window 
10 Native or a Windows 10 VirtualBox VM under Windows 10 - just under Linux.

I know - a fringe configuration for sure - but has anyone encountered 
anything like this or have any idea what might cause it?

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