Open socket on start up and can't close

RobEppich robeppich at
Fri Dec 17 13:51:43 EST 2021

Hi Craig, Klaus, Alex, Monte, Curry

yes, that is me. Glad to hear that epsiTalk continues to be so useful for you. I have epsiTalk under Livecode. I say very little as the more I say the more distractions there are. During the Hypercard days I used xcmds. In the end HC was discontinued and I tried using Applescript for a year and then was going to use Supercard but I learned my lesson of the one platform trap and so I moved onto Revolution using sockets, then Livecode. Best long term decision I ever made. Runrev/Livecode are my heros!

I am using macOS Monterey version 12.0.1 on iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021) and have recently moved from "Livecode Indy" to just plain “Livecode". I believe that this open socket must be the remote debugging feature, that I am not familiar with, though I suppose I will now. First question is how to turn off remote debugging as might would compete with the port that I use for epsiTalk inBusiness and if the remote debugging is still opening a socket in a standalone. Also, isn’t this open socket for rermote debugging a security risk? I shall study.

It is true that I am a happy lurker. I live on an island with 1100 people and discovered that 900 are never anywhere to be seen or heard from, like me. I have discovered, as well, that the 80% are silent lurkers in most communities, and we are all mostly appreciative of all of you who are very active. I keep all the digests and use it to search for answers that you have all provided to our Livecode community, and often I find that all of you have answered my question, again, and now I wish to Thank You all for this great resource. 

Thanks to all of you
Rob Eppich

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