Smile for Christmas.

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Beth ydych chi'n ei olygu, fy ffrind? mae'r Gymraeg yn iaith hyfryd. Gyda dim ond y nifer cywir o lafariaid.

I love how the word for "vowels" is almost entirely made up of vowels.

Which brings me to my favourite Welsh word. For microwave. Popty ping. Ok so its colloquial and only used in the south valleys "Wenglish" but it's a great word.

Have a wonderful Christmas/New Year/Solstice/Holiday of your choice season. Don't let my frivolous response to this thread draw you off the straight and narrow course of purely and only discussing LiveCode on this list. Or even cod byw.

Nadolig Hapus!


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> On 17 Dec 2021, at 06:14, Pi Digital via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> I will donate "aluminium" for them. I don't know where they got that.
> Sir Humphry Davy, the same one responsible for the confusion in the term/name. So, the same place as our American cousins. 
>> Oh, and don't forget Wales. They only have one sorta vowel, "y", and they make do with random consonants when they run short.
> They use a, e, o, u and I. W and Y are also considered vowels. They don’t use K, Q, V or Z  Double L, D, F as well as ch, ph, rh, th and ng all make consonant sounds. 29 ‘letters’ in total with 7 vowels. 
> But I get that you were only jesting ;)
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