Smile for Christmas.

Pi Digital sean at
Fri Dec 17 01:14:23 EST 2021

> I will donate "aluminium" for them. I don't know where they got that.

Sir Humphry Davy, the same one responsible for the confusion in the term/name. So, the same place as our American cousins. 

> Oh, and don't forget Wales. They only have one sorta vowel, "y", and they make do with random consonants when they run short.
They use a, e, o, u and I. W and Y are also considered vowels. They don’t use K, Q, V or Z  Double L, D, F as well as ch, ph, rh, th and ng all make consonant sounds. 29 ‘letters’ in total with 7 vowels. 

But I get that you were only jesting ;)

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