How to extract whole text from a PDF file with the PDF

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I was fairly certain that XPDF external was/is based on this XPDF:
Which has both GPL and Proprietary Licensing options available.

The newer (> 9.6.3) PDF Widget is based on PDFium which is an offshoot
project that spawned from Google’s Chromium project. I’m not sure about the
licensing involved with that.

If you’re running macOS I released a (semi-complete) library that uses
Apple PDFKit (not to be confused with several other PDFKits that are out
there, such as this JS PDFKit: ). That can extract text
from PDF, per-document or per-page.

At some point I may update that library, adding the ability to extract RTF
styled text and also make iso it can use UIView, which would make available
on iOS devices too, but I’m really busy right now so that’s not likely to
get attention from me anytime soon.

On Mon, Dec 13, 2021 at 12:47 PM Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <
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> Richmond wrote:
>  > On 12.12.21 21:33, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>  >> Stam Kapetanakis wrote:
>  >> > i presume the pdf widget in pro is the opensource xpdfReader but
>  >> > don’t know for sure.
>  >>
>  >> If it is that would be problematic, as the open source edition of
>  >> xpdfReader is licensed under GPL, and LC no longer has an edition
>  >> compatible with GPL.
>  >
>  > The consequences are endless.
> Note my "if".
> In the next message in this thread Paul clarified that the component is
> not derived from a GPL-governed work, so the rights and responsibilities
> of the GPL do not apply here:
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