Ghost in the Machine?

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I don't know about moving the mouse around ....but u can have a fake png of
a cursor move around...and then send mouseUps to buttons..... and also u
can put text into a field 1 character at a time to simulate typing.

This is entirely doable in LC.

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> I'm trying to provide an upload facility for an existing on-line club
> membership app. This app has a bulk loading facility for initial set up and
> is designed for whole database configuration. In addition the app provides
> a manual on-line form with 20+ fields making up a member's record.
> Ideally my user would use a facility to upload 1 or more files with rows
> of details , each row containing a collection of all the inputs for my user
> to use. Sadly, there's no bulk loading facility, so the user has to type in
> most of the details from the membership form.
> So here comes the 'Ghost' bit, is it possible to make an LC app that
> mimics keyboard and mouse inputs as if the user was there interacting with
> the on-line form? If I can do this my user would have a file of inputs
> which they could send to the membership database, sit back and watch the
> ghostly app 'type' and 'mouse click' their way through completing the
> on-line form.
> Any suggestions please?
> Peter
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