SivaSiva: in htmltext, is there a link to a separate stack?

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Fri Aug 20 04:07:46 EDT 2021


i am not sure about the last part of your post there....... to a stack called      card "listen-collections" with .......

If i understand it right so far, you want to open/load a stack when clicking on a link in an LC field, right?

If so,

then the linkClicked message should be your friend.

Lets say the htmltext of a field looks like this


<p><a href:""></a></p>


Then the following script would allow to load the stack JustHello.livecode when clicking on the html link.

on linkClicked pLink

if plink ends with ".livecode"


go stack URL plink


launch URL pLink

end if

end linkClicked

I've uploaded a sample stack for you. You can downloaded it here <> 



> Am 20.08.2021 um 03:41 schrieb Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> In SivaSiva, we are going to another stack,
> On mouseup
>    portal_GoStack ("Siva-Siva-Portal")
> end mouseup
> in a lib_SivaSivaPortal we have this handle:
> command portal_GoStack cardOrStackObject
>   [snip]
>   put the short name of this stack into oStackName
>   go cardOrStackObject
> end portal_GoStack
> Now, in case of
> Siva-Siva-Portal.livecode
> On mouseup
> put the short name of the target into tTarget
> switch tTarget
> case "News"
> put url ("file:"& path_Documents()& "assets/info/siva-app-news.html") into tNews
> set the htmltext of fld "helpField" to tNews
> So, in the htmltext
> set the htmltext of fld "helpField" to tNews
> in there a “link” that would take you, by example, to a stack called
> card “listen-collections” with in “listen.livecode”
> ??
> BR
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