SivaSiva: in htmltext, is there a link to a separate stack?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Aug 19 21:41:45 EDT 2021

In SivaSiva, we are going to another stack,

On mouseup
    portal_GoStack ("Siva-Siva-Portal")
end mouseup

in a lib_SivaSivaPortal we have this handle:

command portal_GoStack cardOrStackObject
   put the short name of this stack into oStackName
   go cardOrStackObject
end portal_GoStack

Now, in case of


On mouseup
put the short name of the target into tTarget
switch tTarget

case "News"
put url ("file:"& path_Documents()& "assets/info/siva-app-news.html") into tNews
set the htmltext of fld "helpField" to tNews

So, in the htmltext

set the htmltext of fld "helpField" to tNews

in there a “link” that would take you, by example, to a stack called

card “listen-collections” with in “listen.livecode”



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