Contesting for Idiot du Jour

Roger Guay irog at
Sat Sep 5 22:35:45 EDT 2020

I’m having trouble understanding this last message or how you got these results, but I guess you’re right about this topic being somewhat straying from LC. 
So, I want to say I really appreciate your help and ideas. I will continue to attempt to push back the frontiers of my ignorance.

Thanks and cheers,

> On Sep 5, 2020, at 1:19 PM, Thomas von Fintel via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> f you divide the circle in four equal parts using two diagonal lines, you find that 25 percent of all points have a x-value of more than 70 percent of the radius. Using 200 as radius, 25% of all points x > 141,42 (= cos(45°)*200). But using your method only 60/400 = 15% of points have value x greater than 141,42. So there ecertainly is a bias towards points in the upper and lower quarter.
> I have no idea why this bias isn't influencing your results. Maybe because the second point is also influenced by this bias. But how?
> I wonder whether it's okay to keep this discussion on the list. We are straying far from matters LiveCode.

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