Interface Resolution

John McKenzie davros at
Fri Oct 16 12:03:06 EDT 2020

 Jacqueline, thank you for adding to my thread about the interface on
4k monitors.

 I did as suggested but there is no persistence with the plugins
dialogue box. If there is a save, OK, or apply type functions I cannot
find them. Closing the window does not appear to save the changes as
there are not there later, including after quitting and restarting.

 After fooling around with it all your post caused me to think of it
different and after a bit I got it working when picking my plugin from
the development menu. That is to I run the IDE, go to the development
menu and manually run my plugin script. Takes only a second so not bad.

 So getting it to run upon startup will be nice if I do, but I can
live with this setup. Making the text in the drop down menus legible
is something important I still have to do, but thanks to Jacqueline,
Peter, Richard and Ralph for getting me to this mostly usable point.

 Work arounds are not as good as things working but having the ones I
have make things better than before and good enough to have bought me
time to get everything in good order.

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