Interface Resolution

John McKenzie davros at
Thu Oct 15 12:52:40 EDT 2020

 I felt up to trying one of the suggested workarounds for my interface
scaling issue, specifically making a script to run as a plug-in.

 The plugin in does not appear on the plugins menu and I do not know
what I did wrong. The link to creating plugins was helpful, but lacked

 Do I need to do something special to make it a plug-in? Such as having
a shebang statement or a special command at the top declaring it a
plug-in? Do it have to have a specific naming format? Should it begin
or end with "rev" for example? I called it "intefaceScaling.livecode".
Perhaps that was wrong to do.

 Looking at existing ones as examples I did not get the impression that
was so.

 When I ran the command "put the stacks" it outputted the following.

box/revmessagebox.8.rev /opt/livecode/livecodecommunity-9.6.0.x86_64/Toolset/palettes/menubar/revmenubar.livecodescript

 Do I need absolute filenames in my script? Do I need anything else in
the script that makes up my plugin? Currently all I know to type is the

set the scalefactor of stack "revtools" to 2
set the scalefactor of stack "revmessagebox.8" to 2
set the scalefactor of stack "revmenubar" to 2

 Surely I need more than that.

 Sorry for my ignorance of what should be easy.

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