Interface Resolution

John McKenzie davros at
Thu Oct 15 11:05:38 EDT 2020

 Peter, thank you for those suggestions I will try them once my
treatment is done tomorrow.

 Richard, I am using Kubunutu and KDE for some reason does not get
every app when using its interface scaling setting. It gets almost all
of them, but does not affect a few. It may be these apps are doing
something wrong that the Livecode IDE does as well, but it is also
possible it is a bug in KDE settings that only affects a handful of
apps so it goes less noticed than it should be.

 So what I am saying is I will have to investigate more to see if it is
the OS or the IDE that has a bug with scaling interfaces.

 A work around is good for now, but in general, yes, I should have
something (in the OS or app) that just does it for the long term and
that is worth investigating.

 BTW, I have greatly delayed working on the project that I thought
Livecode could do well and brought me to it, mostly do to changes at
work and health problems. This issue with the new monitor came up when
I showed my brother the Livecode IDE and tell him about the platform.
"Like Hypercard" really sucked him in, too. He was very interested and
I may have gotten someone to try it out. Do not even have my own main
app done and I recruited someone to try the platform.

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