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Alex Tweedly alex at
Fri May 29 21:26:11 EDT 2020

On 29/05/2020 18:09, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode wrote:

> > Have you tried using the mac OS voice commands or controls?
> Strike two! 
I think that's a bad call.
> Think carefully about the implications of what I said: "I can only say 
> a few words without getting out of breath."

You are quoting yourself without adequate context. The fuller version of 
what you said was

> yet I've had several periods in life (including right now after COVID 
> for many weeks and ongoing) when I can only say a few words without 
> getting out of breath. 
That implies you've had several periods when you did *not* suffer badly 
from shortness of breath., and therefore may well have experience with 
voice input. So I think your rather condescending attempted put-down was 

Indeed, I could make a similar evaluation of the first part of your 
response; although you described your (mostly) successful use of a 
mouse, you did not mention your experiences with trackball or trackpad. 
The mere fact that you regularly use one method doesn't mean that you 
haven't also used the others, so it seems a worthwhile question to ask 
for your valuable insights into use of those.

And I'll add a third example of usability declining over time (my wife 
has a neurological condition that is probably on the same scale as yours 
- though of course it will be entire different in detailed effects).

Trackpads are very difficult for her to use. It's not just the X,Y issue 
- it's the third dimension of getting enough touch to be noticed, 
without inadvertently being too firm and having that be counted as a 
button press. This is less of a problem on Windows (specifically HP 
laptops) than it is on Macs, but still an issue. A few years ago, HP had 
many laptops with a trackpad *and* two buttons below it (i.e. nearer to 
the user). That was easy to use compared to modern laptops (though of 
course that has to be tempered with the fact that those laptops died 
years ago, so her fine motor capabilities are much poorer now than they 
were when she used those older HPs).


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