AW: Drawing a blank on simple code...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed May 20 21:11:08 EDT 2020

On 5/19/2020 6:46 PM, Phil Davis via use-livecode wrote:
> You're almost there Paul!
> On 5/19/20 2:18 PM, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
>> I have a set of custom properties in stack "X", a lot of which begin 
>> with "options_<somename>"
> So I assume these are members of a customPropertySet, whose name I'll 
> call "myOptions".

Actually, the custom properties were NOT part of a customPropertySet, 
but were custom properties in the DEFAULT property set AND I apparently 
either never knew or had forgotten that you can not use array notation 
to set custom properties in the default property set since the default 
property set has no name. I could put the  customer properties array in 
an array variable and get the values that way, but to set them I had to 
construct a DO command. They all really should be moved to a custom 
property set (called "options" for example), but I don't have the time 
to change that much code.

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