LC9.6 Android EXIF image data issue

Alan Stenhouse alanstenhouse at
Thu May 14 19:49:37 EDT 2020

Thanks Mark and Monte for the info.

Had already stopped using the width/height specs and for photos from the library we had been getting EXIF info and still do in many cases (I think - more testing needed!), but as we can't do anything about what the OS gives us, I'll just slightly change the message for the user to inform them.

Thanks again, cheers


> On14 May 2020 09:16:20, Mark Waddingham  wrote:
> iOS definitely strips EXIF data in some cases - perhaps it is just from 
> photos taken with the camera or maybe it varies slightly with OS 
> version.
> The Android case you are observing is probably because the EXIF data is 
> being stripped also.
> Assuming you don't use a width/height argument on mobilePickPhoto then 
> we just return the data which we are given with no processing at all - 
> so you are getting what the OS wants you to get.
> It might be that Samsung's camera app is a little more security 
> conscious than other Android variants :(
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.

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