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> I’m gonna say that script only stacks cannot have behaviors eh? Reason is,
> I’d like to move my nested data grid behavior to a script only stack, but
> it occurs to me this might break the datagrid, since it’s next level
> behavior is the old data grid behavior button (not sure why that’s still
> there) then the actual script only datagrid library.

Hi Bob,

In fact script-only stacks can have behaviors. There are two ways you can
assign the behavior:

1) Define the behavior within the script-only stack itself.

script "My script-only stack" with behavior "A Stack Name"

Just make sure that the stack being assigned as the behavior is loaded into
memory when you load the script-only stack.

2) After loading the script-only stack into memory set the behavior

If you need to assign the behavior of the script-only stack to a button
then use method #2.

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