Answer dialog enhancement...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Mar 31 19:09:48 EDT 2020

On 3/31/2020 6:10 PM, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode wrote:
> The answer dialog is simply a stack in and of itself if I am not mistaken. I’m wondering if you couldn’t find that stack and clone it for your own purposes…
> Bob S

Yes. That is easy enough. Turn on "Show IDE Stacks in List" from the 
"View" menu and there are the Answer and Ask Dialogs.

Then you need to work out how the Answer command passes its data via 
"the dialogData" property into order to create an alternative calling 
routine that sets up the Don't Ask Again check box

You could copy the Answer to your own project  and in the Standalone 
Settings switch to Manual Inclusions and exclude the Answer Dialog. Then 
I believe the answer command will use the copy of the dialog in your 
project. Then you need to add the button, change the resizeStack 
handlers accordingly, script its show and hide, add code to get the 
return value

AND remember to see if the dialog needs updates with each new release of 

That is why I asked if anyone has already done it so as to not re-invent 
the wheel.

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