Answer dialog enhancement...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Mar 31 15:24:27 EDT 2020

Here is another attempt to not reinvent the wheel:

We, like a lot of people, use:

answer [/iconType/]/prompt/[with/button1/[or/buttons/]] 
[titled/windowTitle/] [as sheet]

And we use the various iconTypes to who error, warning, or informational 
icons. We have a lot of these that are caution dialogs (are you sure 
that... sort of thing). We'd like to move to the (now) common UI 
convention of having a "Do not show this again." check box in the dialog 
combined with a set of saved preferences for whether the used indicated 
it should not be shown again. We already have a preferences system in place.

I am seeking if someone has already written code to ADD a "Do not ask 
this again." check box to the existing Answer Dialog, so you could do 
something like:

DontShowAgain "on"
answer warning "Are you sure you want to quit before saving?" with 
"Save" or "Quit" titled "Are You Sure?"
put it into tResponse
put line x of the dalogData into tDontShowAgain
DontShowAgain "off"

where a handler DontShowAgain creates and positions a check box in the 
existing Answer Dialog and adds a script to put the result in the 
dialogData (or some means to check it afterwards)

Alternatively, if no one has glued this onto the existing Answer Dialog 
has anyone created a custom Answer Dialog with a Do Not Show Again check 
box that has the same general capabilities (icon type by platform 
(Win/OSX), html text prompts, named buttons, and windowTitle as parameters)

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