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Sorry I didn't even notice your message til just now.

For persistent data, you're going to need some form of storage. Usually,
websites utilise cookies. This is the more security-conscious way of
handling it, depending on the data of course.
has good examples on how to do this. So you can call a bit of js from
LiveCode to read or write it where necessary. Use sparingly.

'Wait' is documented not to work. The best way to put a 'wait' in place is
to split up your handler and use 'send blah to thisScript in x seconds'.

'System date' has no meaning because you are talking entirely to the
browser via JS (effectively), not the users' system. The other date forms
work fine. What use case do you have that needs the 'system date'? Maybe
you could set a user preference for the format if necessary.

All the best


On Fri, 27 Mar 2020 at 20:46, Colin Holgate via use-livecode <
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> I made progress getting the basic stack going, the main hold ups were
> ‘wait' and 'the system date', neither of those work.
> What approach is needed if the stack has text entry that you want to
> persist when the page is reloaded? Save this stack seems not to work.
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