LiveCode linting in Atom

Brian Milby brian at
Sat Mar 28 11:09:46 EDT 2020

Recently I have been allowed the opportunity to maintain the LiveCode
language support for Atom.  I had merged in a number of fixes and changes
several months ago but didn't hit the right button to publish them.  I
finally figured out the missing step and v0.7.0 is now live.  The biggest
change is the support of the new v2 linter module so once properly
configured it should now be able to do the linting.  This should be very
useful for those who would like to work on script only stacks outside of
the IDE.  When combined with ScriptTracker, it also allows for editing of
scripts from the binary stack externally.  I've tested on Mac and Linux.
If bugs are found, they can be submitted on GitHub.

Stay safe,

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