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Tue Mar 24 21:43:28 EDT 2020

The only issue with using a field is you are limited to character data presentation only. You can’t put inline images, widgets, checkboxes, etc. 

For HTML5 deployment I’ve ended up reinventing the wheel with a DataGridV3. I’ve gradually even made it quite generic in code so that it handles whatever data type and layout I throw at it. Still WIP. I should add in row and column freezes. At the moment it only vscrolls, so maybe when I add in hscroll functionality. 

I was Just saying to someone else, we need ‘someone’ fluent in LCB to create a DG widget. Allowing for customisation is the hard part. 

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> Not here. When all I need is a list I just use a list field.  Now that LC's field supports independent column alignment I haven't needed a DG for anything but forms.
> Parse out the first col with a "split by column", drop it into a control on the left, and you're good to go.

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