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Mon Mar 23 13:25:30 EDT 2020

On 2020-03-23 17:14, Pi Digital via use-livecode wrote:
> Finding the first unseen UID though seems to be the next issue I’m
> going to have to overcome. A never ending stream of workarounds.

Well, unfortunately, this is a bug in cURL as far as we can see - its 
been there for 6 years and no-one has fixed it.

This is kind of surprising as cURL is generally a very well supported 
and widely used open-source library (that being said, we should probably 
take note of the whole OpenSSL Heartbleed issue a while back...)

Given that cURL is used in a lot of places, by a lot of products, that 
suggests that either

   (a) no-one uses cURL IMAP very much so there isn't any interest in 
fixing it


   (b) fixing that bug doesn't actually solve the problem (it just shifts 
it). i.e. The bug makes quick-and-dirty approaches to certain tasks 
fail; but when people come across it they realize that if they don't do 
things 'en-masse' (which is basically what the IMAP RFC suggests you 
shouldn't) then it doesn't have an effect.

Of course, I'm hypothesizing here: (a) could be the reason as much as 

I'd perhaps suggest that something isn't a workaround if the original 
approach was flawed (however irksome the more code it requires might 
be!) ;)

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