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Mon Mar 23 12:47:28 EDT 2020

Thanks Colin. That’s definitely helpful. From that I discern that it is something in your code from the point where the first ‘on openCard’ happens to the next openCard. An excellent method I use in these cases are to create messages to the JS console in Chrome by using something like this:

on openCard
       put “on openCard”
       ... [some code] ...
       put “openCard_2:” && myVar
       ... [some more code] ...
       put “end openCard”
end openCard

Pepper this around code you want to check. Then in Chrome or Edge open the js console by going to View>Developer>JavaScriptConsole. Any of the open put commands will be sent to the console and give you an idea where it got to before it failed. I sometimes even end up putting them after every line of code which is like stepping through each line to find which one was the culprit. The console is very much your friend when making use of HTML deployment. 

You are GOING to come across MANY odd things as you progress through using HTML deployment. HH and I have been putting it through it’s paces and have come up with a large number of workarounds for now till we can iron out all of the oddities. Please do come back here when you need any help. 

If you want an example of a product I actually have live at the moment, look at and use login credentials demo, d3moP at ss

All the best

Sean Cole
Pi Digital

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