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Mon Mar 23 08:11:57 EDT 2020

On 2020-03-23 11:39, Pi Digital via use-livecode wrote:
> No, same thing unfortunately. Even ALL has the issue. According to an
> old bug report that has sat for an age untouched it is a known issue
> in the ood curl lib they are using. At the rate they are currently
> dealing with bugs for fundamental operations we might see a fix in
> about a year or two (or four). [dig]

In this case the bug is in CURL - it is 'known bug #90':


There's a few threads around about it - this is the most recent I could 

The only real suggestion (although it is vague) there is using some for 
of pagination (as the UIDs should be eternal, rather than related to the 
position in the mailbox requested).

I couldn't find any explicit bug in their bug tracker which is still 
open for this, but its still listed as a known issue so it sounds like 
there has been no change in it unforunately :(

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