Runtime Error on. JavaScript Handler in Browser

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Mar 22 10:15:05 EDT 2020

With Catalina I have RemoteDebugging Working…

even better I have AAGNetworkTracer and AAGNetworkTracerDashboard working…

awesome tools made by Andre! Can be used with  Community License, worth every penny

I enabled  for mobile testing.

On iOS, when I open the Lexicon (a local html5 “stack” that we run in a browser widget)

Whenever I hit a button on the HTML 5, layout, which triggers a JS handler in LC

I get a message on desktop  in


{"type": "error","time": "3/22/20 3:55:41 AM","content": "863,0,0,runtime","line": "0"}

Strange thing, the JS handlers are called and function correctly in iOS every though I get the msg, there is no crash.

But on Android, I get no crash, but the JS handlers in LC are not called. For the user, the buttons appear non-responsive. They should go to an local SQLLite DB and return data that is fed into the browser widget. It stills happens on iOS but not on Android.

{"type": "error","time": "3/22/20 3:55:41 AM","content": "863,0,0,runtime","line": "0"}

How can I look up the error. It appear to be regression in the widget in the latest for of LC (dp 2 and 3… the same)


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