Guessing the encoding of a test file... [OT]

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It was essentially Baudot on the way in(some special char diffs) then
shifted to numeric on the way out. As I remember the shifted numeric was not
any of the existing Baudot variants. Alpha Stock symbols in and numeric
stock quotes out. If I remember correctly the first 2 chars selected a head
on a magnetic drum and then waited for the last chars match on that head.
Every user just had a new card plugged in. Reponses time was not user
dependent. 1 user or 1k users. A query just had to wait for rotational

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> Just for a laugh... one of the more esoteric codings I used in the quasi
modern error (besides EBCDIC) was the 5 bit Quotron stock ticker system in
the mid 90s. It used different codes for requesting/receiving quotes because
2^5 is only 32 possible characters. Alpha in/numeric out.

They created a *new* five bit, shifted code, rather than just using

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