Any electronic document formats offering interactivity?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 19 12:53:55 EDT 2020

David V Glasgow wrote:

 > The interactivity within LC is no problem.  The user effectively
 > creates a ‘dashboard’ profile representing their own assessment of
 > multiple risk factors at play in a particular case.  Currently, a
 > representation of the resultant profile can then be captured as static
 > image or PDF.  To keep the dashboard as clean as possible, within the
 > app, explanatory notes are hidden unless labels are clicked.  I was
 > wondering if it might be possible to retain just this aspect of
 > functionality.  So someone viewing previously saved profiles could
 > access pop-up explanatory notes.  It seems to me that PDF could offer
 > that, but 1 it is hard to do and 2 many PDF viewers don’t offer the
 > interactivity promised by Adobe.
 > I did briefly consider HTML, but wanted to deliver a single file as
 > the output, and an image of the dashboard profile is essential.

Being an LC fanboy I'd suggest making a viewer app in LC for these 
documents. :)

But ePub may be an excellent choice here: the format is essentially 
HTML/CSS in a Zip wrapper - all the things we love about HTML/CSS, 
delivered in a tidy single file.

You could write an exporter from your stack if you need to do it often.

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