Any electronic document formats offering interactivity?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Mar 18 14:52:54 EDT 2020

David V Glasgow wrote:

 > I would like to be able to generate a document from LC consisting of a
 > single page (effectively a copy of a card) which can offer some basic
 > interactivity.
 > I would be pretty happy if users can create a document that would
 > display ‘tooltip-like’ explanatory notes if summary fields are
 > clicked.
 > I couldn’t make any sense of the interactivity offered by PDF.  I did
 > a bit better with ePub, but the emphasis seems to be on links,
 > animation and video etc, which is far more than I want.
 > Any advice or suggestions?

LiveCode is a good format for delivering interactivity.

But I'm guessing there are requirements in play not yet described here 
which might rule that out.  Knowing what those requirements are will 
help us meet them.

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