Making my book free until the end of May

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Wed Mar 18 08:42:45 EDT 2020

Hi Andre,
I wasn’t aware that you’d written that book - but a spooky coincidence, as last weekend I’d just started revisiting RevIgniter for LiveCode server and as a hobbyist, was struggling to get my head around MVC & mapping to (limited knowledge of) LiveCode concepts.

So, good timing and I was happy to pay the $20 - consider it a 'virtual beer' in these times of social isolation & lockdown! :-D

Cheers Andre - and stay safe, all.


> On 18 Mar 2020, at 11:51, Andre Garzia via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Many of you are probably working from home right now and some might be
> self-isolating or under lockdown. I understand that this poses many
> challenges to many of you, most of which I can't help with at all, but I
> can however make it easier for you to get more LC content. The current time
> is stressing the ability of many of us to make a living, especially people
> here who might be forced into unpaid leave. Because of that I decided to
> make my book free until the end of May. You can get it at:
> The way Leanpub works is that there is a price slider that lets you adjust
> the price from the minimum value set by the author all the way to as much
> as you want. I've adjusted the minimum price and the recommended price to 0
> USD. You can still adjust that if you want. The book is usually 20 USD but
> with that cut, you can use that cash for something else and improve your LC
> skills.
> Best
> Andre
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