Making my book free until the end of May

Andre Garzia andre at
Wed Mar 18 07:51:46 EDT 2020

Hi Folks,

Many of you are probably working from home right now and some might be
self-isolating or under lockdown. I understand that this poses many
challenges to many of you, most of which I can't help with at all, but I
can however make it easier for you to get more LC content. The current time
is stressing the ability of many of us to make a living, especially people
here who might be forced into unpaid leave. Because of that I decided to
make my book free until the end of May. You can get it at:

The way Leanpub works is that there is a price slider that lets you adjust
the price from the minimum value set by the author all the way to as much
as you want. I've adjusted the minimum price and the recommended price to 0
USD. You can still adjust that if you want. The book is usually 20 USD but
with that cut, you can use that cash for something else and improve your LC


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