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Mon Mar 16 19:06:30 EDT 2020

Hi Matthias. 

Well I was pointing out that the same dataset returned on a Mac takes 3 seconds, so the windows fetch returns the same data over 4 times slower, and this is consistent no matter the Windows system I am using. I also have techs in the field that use the app, and it is painfully slow for them. 2 techs use the app on Macs and we both are getting around 3 seconds to load a dataset. 

FYI the information retrieved is a customer record, all sites for that customer which is mostly address data, all the device records for the first site (in this case only one device) which is about the same amount of data as the site contains, all the contacts for the site, and all the file data attached to the device minus the binary blobs containing the actual files. 

It's really very little data. 

Bob S

> On Mar 16, 2020, at 15:17 , matthias rebbe via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Bob,
> the data which is returned by MySQL server is how much in size/lines/items per line?
> Do you use an ip address or the hostname in the connections settings for your MySQL Server?
> Is it possible, that IP6 is enabled on your Windows machine? If so, did you try to disable it or is IP6 needed?
> I am running an LC standalone under Win10 64bit in a HyperV VM which connects to MSSQL server using ODBC to fetch 5 price lists.
> The returned data per price list is about 800kb and contains about 3000 lines with 16 items per line.
> The standalone fetches the 5 different price lists one after the other, which means it fetches 5 times that amount of data described above.
> It takes here between 4 and 7 seconds to fetch all 5 price lists although AV + Firewall (F-Secure Client Security) is enabled.
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