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On 2020-03-15 05:55, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> "Cross-platform note: On iOS and Android, the post command is
> implemented in the engine. Therefore the Internet library is not
> needed to ensure the command works in a mobile standalone application.
> If included, the Internet library implementation will be used instead
> of the engine implementation. Note: The Android and iOS engines do not
> support 'libUrl' but do allow you to use post in the background."
> This seems contradictory. The internet library is not required since
> POST is implemented in the engine. But if it's included, it will be
> used. But mobile doesn't support it.

I believe that bit of advice might be a little out of date. If you 
include the internet library (and tsNet) then the 'post' command will 
use tsNet.

LibUrl has been an option on mobile since we added socket support, and 
tsNet has a liburl driver which replaces the (script) socket-based 
version of liburl with tsNet's internal operations.

So include libUrl and you get normal libUrl; include libUrl and tsNet 
and you get libUrl driven by tsNet; include neither and you get the 
in-engine implementation.

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