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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Mar 15 01:55:51 EDT 2020

The dictionary entry for POST contains this about mobile apps:

"Cross-platform note: On iOS and Android, the post command is implemented in the engine. 
Therefore the Internet library is not needed to ensure the command works in a mobile standalone 
application. If included, the Internet library implementation will be used instead of the 
engine implementation. Note: The Android and iOS engines do not support 'libUrl' but do allow 
you to use post in the background."

This seems contradictory. The internet library is not required since POST is implemented in the 
engine. But if it's included, it will be used. But mobile doesn't support it.

I've included both the Internet library and TSNet in my mobile app, which needs POST and get 
URL. I see now that I can eliminate the Internet library. Do I still need TSNet for mobile "get 

We're seeing crashes on iOS when the app sends data to a server. I wonder if there's a conflict 
having both these extensions included in the build.

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