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i found a forum post from mimu which included also a GoogleCalendarTest stack.


Is that the one you are referring to?


> Am 13.03.2020 um 14:00 schrieb R.H. via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com>:
> If this would help...
> I am using OAuth2 with the Google Calendar with a stack that was originally
> developed by Denver77 and had been posted the stack "GoogleCalendarTest" to
> the Forum in 2018. It explains clearly how to use Google's oAuthClient and
> actually, I was able to receive the client id, the client secret and use
> Google's OAuth2 protocol.
> Similar, it should work for Google Sheets, Contacts, GMail, etc.
> And it works very well up to date. Only, the token needed to be renewed,
> and Google requires that the user logs in passing all the authentication
> and permission tests if the app has not been registered with Google. A
> Google account is required
> I will ask permission to post this LiveCode Calendar
> "GoogeCalendarTest.livecode" solution again. Or is it still somewhere? I
> could not find on the Forum and other places. I made some changes to it.
> Otherwise, I would try to recreate it if there is a need and also try to
> test it with Google sheets (which I am also using as some clients require
> them).
> Using any Google apps, some basic JavaScript knowledge is usually helpful
> since Google Apps Script (based on JavaScript) is the predominant user
> language working with Google apps and it will have to be used in most cases
> if server work is needed. Google App Script is not client-side.
> https://developers.google.com/apps-script/overview
> Sure, I think, we should develop specialized LC OAuth2 libraries to access
> the apps of the big players and make them available for
> - Google
> - Microsoft
> - Apple
> - Amazon
> - etc.
> in a straight-forward way, or at least a step-by-step instruction how to
> use their products with LC -- which also needs constant monitoring and
> updating for changes such big players introduce from time to time.
> Which end user in the corporate world does not work with GMail, GMail
> contacts, Microsoft Outlook, etc? At least these are standards in the
> corporate world and could increase the attractiveness of LC very much if LC
> would offer help for specialized tasks using such apps as their base.
> Roland
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