Can the Browser widget access dev tools?

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Fri Mar 13 09:21:16 EDT 2020

Hi Keith

The chromium engine is not the same as the chrome browser. So the browser has the dev tools. The engine will have some code base that the browser can pull from to display as tools. 

The browser widget is a browser in its own right. It does not, at least as far as I’m aware, embed a chrome browser into a container. It uses the chromium engine to feed data that can be interpreted and displayed within a widget canvas. 

So dev tools would have to be written into the widget to access things l’île the throttling settings so that you could manipulate them using properties in the UI or by code. 

I hope this leads to solving your rsi problem eventually. It is a pain when the dev tools disappear when you load a new page and you can’t set it to stay up and stay throttled. Send a feature request to google. 

All the best 

Sean Cole
Pi Digital

> On 13 Mar 2020, at 10:55, Keith Clarke via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I understand that the browser widget uses the platform’s default browser engine. The (default?) feature set seems to be limited - e.g. no right-click (on Mac).
> There don’t seem to be obvious entries in the dictionary concerning developer tools/menu/option. Please can anyone confirm whether it’s possible to access Safari (Mac) or Chromium (Windows) Developer Tools programmatically from LC - or control the right-click page inspector access (and it’s content once displayed)?
> And, just in case I’m taking the wrong direction of travel, the use case is that I’m looking to cobble together a simple test rig to help test page load times on limited bandwidth connections using Chrome’s network throttling settings, as I’m getting bored (& RSI) from the current manual process!
> Best,
> Keith 
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