LC & Catalina; macOS 10.15.x; Xcode 11.3.x; iOS 13.3.x support ???

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Thu Mar 12 21:08:13 EDT 2020

This one was okay. :) You sound a little more relaxed.

I frequently have the same frustrations as you do, but knowing a little 
about the team helps moderate my posts. I think this long thread could have 
been shorter if you had just said what roadblocks in particular are 
preventing you from completing the work. I do understand you're having 
issues with the script editor, but what features exactly do you need that 
don't exist? (I hope I didn't miss something.)

When I felt completely blocked because I couldn't find a way to scroll to 
metadata in a field, several people jumped in to help me and Mark 
Waddingham even provided a complete handler. I would have lost the job 
without that. I'm grateful.

So maybe we can help you too. Throw out a challenge.

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On March 12, 2020 6:54:28 PM Pi Digital via use-livecode 
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> Hi all
> Thank you for all your kind words. Sorry, you said ‘no’ sarcasm. Oops. My bad.
> I had posted this originally to the dev-livecode list but I thought 
> (accurately) I wouldn’t get a reponse from that. I’m sooo sorry (oops, I 
> did it again) that this is viewed potentially by newbies. Although hiding 
> the truth (‘forever’) is not a good policy either. Maybe one of them will 
> notice that it doesn’t support the latest OSs/Xcode/Android. [Sharp inhale] 
> Suppose they find out! Oh no!!
> I’ve been looking around but I can’t find a rant-livecode forum or the 
> use-livecodeAtYourPeril forum or even a 
> tryToUse-LiveCodeButEndUpUsingHeapsOfJavascriptAndPHPWorkaroundsInstead 
> forum. Or even the dontUse-LiveCodeBecauseItsCrashedAgain forum.
> I’ve been thinking for a while whilst reading the various support and 
> ‘spanking’ messages what I might write. But I worked out that the only 
> ‘nice’ thing would be to say nothing (as my dear grandma always said I 
> should). But at some point something has to be said.
> I currently have a client breathing heavily behind me because I can’t 
> supply what they need. And by now I should be able to. My competitors, 
> they’re new suppliers, are able to. I would be trying to fix the LC issues 
> with HTML deployment myself if I wasn’t so bogged down with the workarounds 
> on top of workarounds that are so messing with my head. I’ve been working 
> 18hr days for months. So forgive me for asking a legitimate question (ok, 
> in mild rant form) on a forum which is the ONLY place I can vent to others 
> who USE-LIVECODE!! Name me one other place where Only veteran users can go 
> and vent with like minded pro users of LC and I’m there>>>>! I someone 
> created one I guarantee it would get tonnes more use than this one albeit 
> unseen by the LC team.
> Which brings me to the final point (‘phew’ I hear you say!). Someone asked 
> what I thought I would get from posting it here. Well, as someone else 
> pointed out, the likes of the CTO do poke there heads this way every now 
> and then. Interestingly today, maybe by coincidence, the amount of 
> git-pulls have been massive in comparison to the last three months. 
> Hopefully this means they are indeed gearing up to release a fixed 9.6GM or 
> RC for us to work with on Friday (their preferred release day 
> historically). I’d like to think (for my own satisfaction only) that my OP 
> pushed towards it but would be just as ‘happy’(ish) if they were already 
> about to. Either way, my original point of posting was to get a heads up 
> and vent a teeny-tiny amount of my current frustration at this current time 
> which is just a part of the never ending circle of futility I find myself in.
> Now, ‘that’ up there is what you call a rant :) I felt ill before typing 
> this but feel much better now. Thank you all again.
> I’ve re-read this to be sure I wasn’t abusive or saying anything unfair or 
> unqualified. Sarcastic, yes, but not of the hurtful kind. I’m trying to 
> make light of it despite the mild-affronts and my warm neck. There was no 
> Attack on LC. It was a question of Why the wait and How do I explain to my 
> soon to be lost client and pay packet to my mortgage lenders. I hope you 
> all now understand.
> Sean Cole
> Pi
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