LC & Catalina; macOS 10.15.x; Xcode 11.3.x; iOS 13.3.x support ???

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Thu Mar 12 14:37:51 EDT 2020

As to my contentedness with LC, let me say that without LC, my options would be Javascript, Python or a host of other script based languages, or else some variant of C. That is to say I would be out of options because I simply am too lazy and otherwise occupied with my real job to justify the time it would take to get "good" at any of these options. 

So from that perspective I am not only contented with LC, I am giddy! But then I am not producing commercial mobile apps either, and for the business I work for, anything useful I produce is icing on the cake! I am under no time constraints, or constraints of any kind! 

Having seen the myriad of threads on mobile app development and the pains involved, I can sympathize with anyone attempting it. The hoops RunRev has to go through to keep up is staggering to me, but let's step back for a moment and look at what mobile support for LC really is. 

Apart from LC (or any other non-java mobile app environment) what you would have to do is use the environment provided by Apple or Google. If you did, you would have to learn Javascript, and in the bargain you would STILL be subject to the restrictions and changes inherent to those environments. 

But WITH LC, you don't need to learn Javascript at all! You can use a familiar and incredibly easy to learn language in a pretty amazing GUI, and then (if all your ducks are in a row) generate a first class Mobile App. 

A better way to look at it might be this. Suppose Apple and Google requirements had remained static since LC first began supporting mobile apps. Would any of the obvious pains LC devs are suffering still be issues? If for the most part the answer is no, then you can see the pains are not being caused by RunRev. 

My 2¢
Bob S

> On Mar 12, 2020, at 11:08 , hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>>> hh wrote:
>>> The uselist is not a LC-praising list. As long as we have the freedom of
>>> speech everybody can say whether he is contented with LC or not.
>> Bob S. wrote:
>> I was not aware we had such freedoms on this list! For instance, if I begin
>> to speak of fermented dairy products, I will certainly be censured!
>> And well I should be!!!
> I wonder why you want to speak of fermented dairy products in order to express
> whether you are contented with LC or not.

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