LC & Catalina; macOS 10.15.x; Xcode 11.3.x; iOS 13.3.x support ???

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> Some people are very angry about deficiencies of LC, what I can understand from
> their view, and *we should hear what they have to say*.
Why. Posting here won´t change anything.

> Especially when they get angry about the whitewashing of bugs by some list members.
Currently i am not aware of that. I must have  missed such discussions on this list. 
But i am sure there were such discussions otherwise you wouldn´t write it.

When a bug is confirmed in the bugbase, no one can whitewash it. When it´s confirmed then it´s confirmed.

Posting here about a real problem/bug makes sense, because others might jump in and confirm the same experience or might help to solve the problem
As always, a good recipe, if possible, makes it even easier to reproduce it.
I very often try to reproduce problems reported here in the list to find out if it´s a general problem/bug in LC or just a problem that occurs only at the system of the reporter.

But just moaning here in the list  about deficiencies does not make sense to me. What should that do? 
No one can help.

> What's wrong that's wrong, no matter who tries to whitewash bugs or even tries to
> keep quiet about (remaining) bugs. The latter is, compared to the promises of the
> LC main page, more harmful for the reputation of LC than telling the truth.
> And what's good with LC that's good. We too tell the truth with that.
> [And, by the way, macOS 10.15 is repeating some beginner mistakes from the early
> MacOS X versions. Obviously a lot of beginners are currently at work there.]

Because people want always something new. It must be always the newest. 
Because of that the lifecycles of products and software are getting shorter and shorter and therefore there is less time for
development and testing.

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