LivecodeServer for ARM Cortex-A7

Heriberto Torrado htorrado at
Wed Mar 4 18:19:47 EST 2020

Dear livecode programmers,


I tried several times to cross-compile livecode server community edition from the github repository on an Allwinner H3 processor device (sun8iw7p1 ARM Cortex-A7) FriendElec Nano pi Plus M1.


All times I tried it I got this error: Unknow platform.


Many IOT devices runs this processor: OrangePi, Nanopi m1 Plus, CherryPi, etc.


I’m currently using Python and PHP for command line scripting and web programing purposes on this device, but I would like to use Livecode Server instead.


As far as I know Livecode Server is written using portable C++, so I suppose it must be compatible with multiple platforms.


Do you know if someone compiled it successfully and how?

Best regards/ Saludos cordiales/ Cordialement 


Heriberto Torrado González

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